Prima Lux – L’ Alba degli Angeli at the Duomo di Siena

Tale of an unusual sunrise at the Facciatone of the Cathedral of Siena.

In April, the Opera della Metropolitana di Siena offered some lucky visitors the opportunity to experience the birth of the sun from the “Facciatone”, the incredible fascinating testimony of the New Cathedral remained unfinished. If during the day the visit is exciting, admiring Siena that comes alive, the night lights that go off and give way to the sudden rising of the sun over the Chianti hills, just to the right of the Brolio Castle, little small but recognizable, make that an unusual and unforgettable experience and the event is appreciated as much by the Sienese and the tourists.


Once the sun appeared the visit continues at the Museo dell ‘Opera to admire the Maestà of Duccio di Boninsegna, a masterpiece of’ Sienese art history, told by the writer Francesca Fumi Cambi Gado through the reading of certain passages of his story “La foglia d’oro. Il segreto della maestà di Duccio” a vision of imagination but charming of days that have matured in the artist the idea of how to accomplish his work.

To complete the visit, just come out, we had a nice buffet with cakes, croissants and coffee that refresh us and accompanies on the path of a Siena semi-deserted well pleased with the “early rising” made.


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