La Pieve Marsina is located in one of the most ancient hill of the Chianti, in the Argenina Locality. Repetti, a famous historical-geographical dictionary of Tuscany writes about our place: ARGENA, ARGENNINA E ARGENO. It is the name of the hill that are like a border between the Chianti and the Berardenga district, between the Florentine, the Sienese and the Aretino areas. It was a seigniory of the noble family of Firidolfi da Ricasoli, which donated from the XII century some of the farmstead in the Argennina hill to their Badia a Coltibuono. They owned the properties till their suppression (1809).” The dates on the first constructions as they look like today are quite vague. Repetti reports this geographic location in the civil and political history of the Middle Age, as the Argennina o Argena hill was designated as a natural border in 1204 from the Florentine and Sienese institutions. The oldest written records known about this place was made in the 998, when the Marquis of Tuscany G. Conte Ugo allocated a farmhouse in Argennina in Chianti to the Badia di Poggiomarturi (Poggibonsi). In the highest point of the hill rises the beautiful Church of San Pietro in Vinculis, suffragan of the parish Church of San Marcellino since the XIII century, but already existing in the XII century as evidenced by a document dated April 1164 in which the “presb. Raineri rector S.Petri de Argenino” was mentioned. It is rectangular shaped and has a gable roof, irregular masonry walls made of bricks and stones and a bell gable. In the maps of the Guelfa league (1580-95) it is part of the People of “S. Piero a Largenina” and it has a similar shape, except for the 3 small windows on the north side wall. The interior has a beams and rafters roof tiles made of chestnut wood. The presbytery, divided from the nave by a stair, has a round arch and barrel vault. At the end of the church there is an altar with aedicule and oil painting representing S. Pietro in Vinculis (cm. 130×130 ca., completely repainted).

From the Middle Age to the present days

In the ‘70s the group of farmhouses that are part of La Pieve Marsina nowadays was acquired together with some surrounding lands by Piero Corsi, Gabriele’s grandfather. Here started the rebirth of this place, which was completely abandoned passing through years made of small renovation, big family dinner, grape and olive harvest with family and friends to the first experience in the touristic hospitality. The first big renovation was made from the 1999 to 2002, which gave the current shape to the hamlet. It was the beginning as a Holiday Home with the help of the whole family, Gabriele with his father Siro (son of Piero), his mother Alessandra and his sister Stefania. Lastly, in 2011 the most recent restoration of 2 other farmhouses made the current configuration of the Country Retreat La Pieve Marsina.


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